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As a Cinematographer, drama, comedy and speed are my forte, together with the ability to encourage both actors and non-actors alike to feel comfortable and empowered in front of the camera, and to forget it’s there, allowing them to explore their character fearlessly, something I am known for. After studying photography at the National Art School in Sydney Australia, I received my degree in Cinematography from the school of hard knocks, going down the Camera Assistant path. Which means I’ve worked with many DoP/Director teams. I understand intrinsically the language of the moving image and how to manipulate it.

Awards + Achievements

WINNER Pensacola Film Festival

Horizon won Best Narrative film at the
2016 Pensacola LGBT Film Festival.

WINNER Teadance Film Festival

Horizon won Best Feature film at the
2016 Teadance Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

Cannes International Film Festival 2018

The Dream Channel opened the VR section of the
2018 Cannes International Film Festival.

Australian Film Festival 2010

Fragment official selection
2010 Australian Film Festival.

Frightfest Film Festival, London 2009

Fragment official selection
2009 Frightfest Film Festival.

Semana Film Festival, Spain 2009

Fragment official selection
2009 Semana International Film Festival.


Abertoir International Film Festival 2009

Fragment official selection
2009 Abertoir International Horror Film Festival.

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